Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Extras-Only

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Extras-Only

The Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Extras-Only package includes:
- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of the Special Edition extras, a 100+ minutes of all-new short films & epilogues
- Team Meat Commentary on the Special Edition extras
- the Special Edition extras with subtitles support in English

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Extras-Only
  • Phil Epilogue

    Phil Fish is back in Montreal and in limbo. FEZ is finally finished and awaiting release. Will his 5 years of work be appreciated by players & recognized at the Independent
    Games Festival? (Note: contains some FEZ spoilers.)

    Play FEZ:

  • Phil and Japan

    At a IGTM screening, Phil Fish is asked about his thoughts on modern Japanese video games. And, he tells the audience what he thinks. Watch the question, the answers from the panel & his take on the Internet aftermath.

  • Coil

    The inspiration and story behind Edmundʼs experimental game, Coil. What did he learn about the use theme in gameplay?

    Play Coil as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • Edmund Epilogue

    Edmund McMillenʼs games are smash hits. Despite his life-changing success, Edmund continues to create. How he finds inspiration, motivation and lives a creative life.

    Edmund's Latest Games:
    The Binding of Issac:
    The Basement Collection: http://store....

  • Tommy Epilogue

    Tommyʼs his new life, new city, new love & new cars.

    What's Tommy working on now?:

  • Danielle Epilogue

    Edmundʼs wife Danielle talks about her life after and growing her family.

    More from Danielle:

  • Edmund and teh Internets

    Edmund & his wife Danielle share the story of why he left the Internet. Note: this short film is not as good as everyone says it is.

  • Tommy and teh Internets

    The story behind Super Meat World & Tommyʼs epiphany about the Internet.

  • Tommy - The Day After

    Shot the day after Super Meat Boyʼs first release, Tommy reflects his feelings in the moment and having a programmer brain.

  • Edmund Collections

    Edmund shows us some of his favourite things from around the world.

    Figurines, plushes & more:

  • The Art of Braid

    The thoughts & hands behind the imagery. Artist David Hellman talks about Braid’s handmade art & themes.

    More on David's work:
    Play Braid:

  • Passage

    Jason Rohrerʼs game will make you cry. Or it wonʼt. Find out about his design process & his take on the reaction to Passage.

    More on Jason's work:

  • Spelunky

    Game designer & artist, Derek Yu reveals his meticulous level design process to create the randomly-generated world of Spelunky.

    Play Spelunky -

  • Eliss

    Becoming an indie game-maker. How code, the process of discovery and developments in mobile phones, changed the life of Steph Thirion. Hear the story of the award-winning iOS game, Eliss.

    Play Eliss:
    More on Steph:

  • David and Clouds

    David Hellman looks at the iterative nature of making video game art.

    More on David's work:
    Play Braid:


    Wanna make a game? Hereʼs some inspiration from some TIGJam game makers.

    Want to join a game jam? Check out

  • Tri-achnid

    Edmund discusses one of the early physics-based side scrollers, Tri-achnid.
    Play the game as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • AVGM

    Edmund shares insight into his mysterious game, AVGM. Note: you need to finish the game to find out its title.

    Play AVGM, as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • Phil Watching Phil

    Phil Fish watches Indie Game: The Movie for the first time.

  • The C Word

    Edmund tells the story of his controversial game, The C Word. (Note: for mature viewers only, graphic depictions of animated sex)

    Play The C Word for free on Newgrounds:

  • Super Meat Boy Control

    Edmund & Tommy talk about the control design in Super Meat Boy.

  • Canabalt

    Developer Adam Saltsman talks about the design, sound and art behind the iOS hit game, Canabalt.

    Play Canabalt:

    For even more behind the scenes of Canabalt; this is a great read:

  • Mega64 Trailer

    The comedy group, Mega64, re-cuts/re-imagines the IGTM trailer.

    More from Mega64:

  • Special Edition Team Meat Commentary

    The Special Edition short films played back to back with Team Meat Commentary, by Tommy Refenes & Edmund McMillen.

    Note: the commentary is edited in spots. :)

  • Binding of Isaac: Origins

    Edmund talks about the early process of creating and motivations behind his following game to Super Meat Boy: The Binding of Isaac.

  • Deliberate Randomness: Binding of Isaac Level Design

    Edmund discusses procedural and 'rogue-like' level design for 'The Binding of Isaac' - his follow up game to Super Meat Boy

  • Team Meat Anniversary Commentary

    Two years after the film's release, Tommy and Edmund (Super Meat Boy) join Northernlion for a streaming audio commentary.