Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Bundle

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Bundle

The Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition package includes:
- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of the Feature Film
- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of the Special Edition extras, a 100+ minutes of all-new short films & epilogues
- Team Meat Commentary on the Feature Film
- Team Meat Commentary on the Special Edition extras
- a Clean Version of the Feature Film
- the Feature Film subtitles in 20 languages including: Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian (Subs) & Ukrainian (Dubbed)
- the Special Edition subtitles in English only

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Bundle
  • Special Edition Trailer

    The IGTM Special Edition is 100+ minutes worth of a new short films & epilogues.

  • Indie Game: The Movie!

    This feature documentary directed by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, looks at the underdogs of the video game industry, indie game developers, who sacrifice money, health and sanity to realize their lifelong dreams of sharing their creative visions with the world. Following the making of the gam...

  • Coil

    The inspiration and story behind Edmundʼs experimental game, Coil. What did he learn about the use theme in gameplay?

    Play Coil as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • Clean Audio: Indie Game: The Movie

    This version of the film has an edited audio track, with the swears omitted.

  • IGTM: Team Meat Commentary

    Team Meat Commentary on the feature film.

  • Phil Epilogue

    Phil Fish is back in Montreal and in limbo. FEZ is finally finished and awaiting release. Will his 5 years of work be appreciated by players & recognized at the Independent
    Games Festival? (Note: contains some FEZ spoilers.)

    Play FEZ:

  • Phil and Japan

    At a IGTM screening, Phil Fish is asked about his thoughts on modern Japanese video games. And, he tells the audience what he thinks. Watch the question, the answers from the panel & his take on the Internet aftermath.

  • Edmund Epilogue

    Edmund McMillenʼs games are smash hits. Despite his life-changing success, Edmund continues to create. How he finds inspiration, motivation and lives a creative life.

    Edmund's Latest Games:
    The Binding of Issac:
    The Basement Collection: http://store....

  • Tommy Epilogue

    Tommyʼs his new life, new city, new love & new cars.

    What's Tommy working on now?:

  • Danielle Epilogue

    Edmundʼs wife Danielle talks about her life after and growing her family.

    More from Danielle:

  • Edmund and teh Internets

    Edmund & his wife Danielle share the story of why he left the Internet. Note: this short film is not as good as everyone says it is.

  • Tommy and teh Internets

    The story behind Super Meat World & Tommyʼs epiphany about the Internet.

  • Tommy - The Day After

    Shot the day after Super Meat Boyʼs first release, Tommy reflects his feelings in the moment and having a programmer brain.

  • Edmund Collections

    Edmund shows us some of his favourite things from around the world.

    Figurines, plushes & more:

  • The Art of Braid

    The thoughts & hands behind the imagery. Artist David Hellman talks about Braid’s handmade art & themes.

    More on David's work:
    Play Braid:

  • Passage

    Jason Rohrerʼs game will make you cry. Or it wonʼt. Find out about his design process & his take on the reaction to Passage.

    More on Jason's work:

  • Spelunky

    Game designer & artist, Derek Yu reveals his meticulous level design process to create the randomly-generated world of Spelunky.

    Play Spelunky -

  • Eliss

    Becoming an indie game-maker. How code, the process of discovery and developments in mobile phones, changed the life of Steph Thirion. Hear the story of the award-winning iOS game, Eliss.

    Play Eliss:
    More on Steph:

  • David and Clouds

    David Hellman looks at the iterative nature of making video game art.

    More on David's work:
    Play Braid:


    Wanna make a game? Hereʼs some inspiration from some TIGJam game makers.

    Want to join a game jam? Check out

  • Tri-achnid

    Edmund discusses one of the early physics-based side scrollers, Tri-achnid.
    Play the game as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • AVGM

    Edmund shares insight into his mysterious game, AVGM. Note: you need to finish the game to find out its title.

    Play AVGM, as part of Edmund's Basement Collection:

  • Phil Watching Phil

    Phil Fish watches Indie Game: The Movie for the first time.

  • The C Word

    Edmund tells the story of his controversial game, The C Word. (Note: for mature viewers only, graphic depictions of animated sex)

    Play The C Word for free on Newgrounds:

  • Indie Game: The Movie - Ukrainian

  • Super Meat Boy Control

    Edmund & Tommy talk about the control design in Super Meat Boy.

  • Canabalt

    Developer Adam Saltsman talks about the design, sound and art behind the iOS hit game, Canabalt.

    Play Canabalt:

    For even more behind the scenes of Canabalt; this is a great read:

  • Mega64 Trailer

    The comedy group, Mega64, re-cuts/re-imagines the IGTM trailer.

    More from Mega64:

  • Special Edition Team Meat Commentary

    The Special Edition short films played back to back with Team Meat Commentary, by Tommy Refenes & Edmund McMillen.

    Note: the commentary is edited in spots. :)

  • Super Clean: Indie Game: The Movie

    The full feature documentary of Indie Game: The Movie with clean audio and visuals. Audio swears omitted and potentially offending images and swears on screen blurred.

    The Super Clean version is also available in a handy, gift-able DVD form:

  • Binding of Isaac: Origins

    Edmund talks about the early process of creating and motivations behind his following game to Super Meat Boy: The Binding of Isaac.

  • Deliberate Randomness: Binding of Isaac Level Design

    Edmund discusses procedural and 'rogue-like' level design for 'The Binding of Isaac' - his follow up game to Super Meat Boy

  • Team Meat Anniversary Commentary

    Two years after the film's release, Tommy and Edmund (Super Meat Boy) join Northernlion for a streaming audio commentary.